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Department of Nuclear Physics
National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering
Str. Reactorului no.30
Postcode 077125
Bucharest - Magurele, ROMANIA


Tel. +4021/4042329
Fax. +4021/4574111

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Departments of Nuclear Physics

   The Department of Nuclear Physics (DFN) of the "Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering is a multidisciplinary research unit in the field of nuclear and atomic physics. It is located in the Magurele Campus, about 5 km in the south-west of Bucharest, Romania.
   The Department's mission lies in the areas of basic and applied research , particularly in the fields which are relevant for sustainable development and the national endeavour for integration in the European Union. The research projects underway in DFN are also of a major importance for training and education, but are beyond the possibilities of a single University department.
   The research projects in DFN are structured in the following five directions which define the backbone of the management's strategy:

  • Nuclear structure at low energy.
  • Atomic physics with accelerated beams.
  • Nuclear data evaluation and measurement.
  • Neutron techniques employed in condensed matter studies.
  • Applications of the charged particle beams in solid state physics, ecology, biology, medicine and archeometry; low-background gamma-ray spectrometry and neutron activation analysis.
    Experimental facilities:
    Projects of the CEEX Program and Romanian National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation 2007-2013 (PN II)