About Us

The Department of Nuclear Physics (DFN) is a multidisciplinary research unit in the field of nuclear and atomic physics. The Department's mission lies in the areas of basic and applied research , particularly in the fields which are relevant for sustainable development and the national endeavour for integration in the European Union. The research projects underway in DFN are also of a major importance for training and education.

Tandem Accelerators Department (DAT) coordinates the activity for three tandem accelerators. The 9 MV FN Pelletron tandem accelerator was installed in 1973 and, ever since, was employed for basic science and applied research experiments, at an average rate of 5500 hours/year. Its activity is supervised by an International Program Advisory Committee (PAC). Another accelerator in the department is the 3 MV Tandetron, which was installed in 2012, and is mainly used for ion beam analysis (IBA) and ion implantation experiments. Our latest acquisition is the 1 MV Tandetron accelerator which is used for accelerator mass spectrometry measurements (AMS) and carbon dating experiments.


March 2017

The new site of the DAT and DFN departments is online. There are still some sections to be completed, but we are working on it.