Info for visitors

Before getting here

Access papers: Visitors or participants in an experiment at Tandem – IFIN-HH Bucharest should know that access papers are needed in order to enter in our Institute. In this respect, please send an email to your local contact or your experiment's spokeperson with information about the period of your stay and your passport number. This information should be transmitted at least 3 working days before your arrival.

  • Entering in the Institute with a notebook/PC: If, during your stay here, you want to enter the Institute with your notebook/PC, please announce it in the same email you send for the access papers. Please also provide some information about the notebook (type, serial number, ...)
  • Visas: For EU citizen and citizens of some countries that have such bilateral agreement with Romania, no visas is needed. If you need a visa, you probably will need a document to be sent directly to the Romanian Embassy in your country. In this case, please ask your local contact and/or our secretary ( to prepare and send such a letter or whatever other document the Embassy is asking. From our experience the Embassy will issue a visa in less than a week but it is in your best interest to inform us about the needed documents at least one month before your arrival here because they have to be first approved by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Invitation letter: Please send an email to your local contact and/or our secretary ( to prepare and send you the letter.

  • How to get here ?

    Taxi: On-demand taxi services are available at Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport. You may order a taxi car by using the touch screen devices in the public area of the Arrivals Terminal. The passengers get on the taxi-cabs right outside the terminal, on the first floor, by showing the ticket issued by the automatic touch screen. The charges vary between 1.39 lei/km – 3.50 lei/km. (approx. 0.3 EURO/km - 0.8 EURO/km)
    The distance Otopeni Airport – Magurele is around 30 km (depends on the route taken). If you come directly to the Institute, ask the taxi driver to take you to Magurele.

    DFN DAT Map

    As Magurele hosts 8 physics institutes, you have to tell him that you need to go to the Reactor. When entering in Magurele you will pass a bridge (bullet 4 on the map) over the Bucharest's Ring Road. After this bridge, the driver should enter the just on the roundabout (bullet 3), and take the first road on the left, a road that goes towards the destination (bullet 1) , passing through a forest.

    Public transportation: Another possibility is the public transportation. Express Bus 783 offers daily service to the city centre, with stops at Baneasa Airport, Piata Presei Libere, Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana, Piata Universitatii and Piata Unirii. The bus leaves from the international departures terminal of Otopeni Airport every 15 minutes (every 30 minutes after 8:30 PM and during weekends), from 5:30 AM until 11:00 PM (Bus #783 - Timetable - Airport -> Bucharest Center). The journey to downtown takes approximately 40 minutes. The fare for a round-trip ticket is 7 Lei (about $1.75 or 1.6 EURO). Take this bus to the end of the line (Piata Unirii 1 or 2).
    There you have two options:
    1. You can either take the (fast) tram number 32 (~ 50 m distance from the bus stop) to the Antiaeriana station (one stop before the end of the line). From there a mini-van called "maxi-taxi" or buses #453 or #455 are going for Magurele.
    2. You can take the 385 bus to the "Petre Ispirescu" station. From there a mini-van called "maxi-taxi" or a bus #453 goes for Magurele. The maxi-taxi ticket price is 2.5 lei and the bus tickets are 1.5 lei for one trip.
    It has to be mentioned that for all the public transportation you have to buy the transport card before and validate it after getting in. For buying the tickets, look for a kiosk labeled "RATB".
    Please take a look at this DETAILED MAP, containing bus stops and routes of the means of transportation.

    Get to IFIN-HH Map

    Mixed transportation: If the taxi seems too expensive to you and the public transportation choice too complicated, it may be a good idea to mix them: take the 783 bus from the airport and you have already made almost half of the trip. The largest taxi company in Bucharest is Cobalcescu and their price is now 1.4 lei/km. Do not take an independent taxi. Other big taxi companies are: Meridian, Total, Cristaxi, Tess, Confort, etc. The rate/km is always displayed on the car.

    At this time we do not recommend the train from the airport to the railway station (although the works continues, the line is not yet finished and part of this route has to be done by bus).

    In the Institute

  • Bring your passport (or ID card) with you when coming to the Institute. You will be asked to leave it at the gate and in exchange you will receive a badge that you will use to enter in the buildings. At the end of the day, when leaving, you will leave the badge at the gate and get your passport back.
  • For entering in the Institute call your local contact person upon arrival at the gate to come and escort you to the lab. You can use the phone that is at the gate. There is a phone directory at the gate; if you don't find the number of a person in the directory, you can ask the guard to find it for you. If you are participating in an experiment, an alternative is to call at the Tandem's console (extension 4320) or the users hall (extension 4319).
  • In the first day of your stay here, if you participate in an experiment, please ask your local contact person or your experiment's spokesperson to provide you with a radiation badge (dosimeter), even if you have one from your Institute/University. Also, you should be informed about the safety and protection regulations. Receiving info about safety regulations and wearing your dosimeter is compulsory.

  • Accommodation

    The Institute has a two-storeyed guesthouse in Magurele that has single and double rooms, and a small kitchen on each floor. At this time, the prices are: 35 EURO/night for the single room, 40 EURO/night for the double room for single-occupancy, and 20 EURO/night for the double room for double-occupancy. The price will be paid in LEI, at the exchange rate of the day when the bill is issued (you can see the exchange rate at If you want to stay at the guesthouse, please ask your local contact for a reservation (and our secretary at This information should be transmitted at least one week (preferably more) before your arrival because of the small number of rooms and the high demand.

    Hotel in Magurele:

    In Magurele there is only one hotel, a two-stars one. The current price for a single room is 100 lei. Please ask your local contact person and our secretary at for a reservation.

    B&B in Magurele:

    There is one B&B in Magurele that is currently expanding its housing capacity. Please ask for a reservation to your local contact person and our secretary at

    Hotels in Bucharest:

    There are a lot of hotels in Bucharest, of every category. If you want to book online with your credit-card, a good idea might be to use
    Due to their position (quite central but not too far from Magurele) and their quality, we recommend:

  • Ibis Bucuresti Palatul Parlamentului City Centre
    Address: 82-84 Izvor Street,
    For booking: +40 21 401 1011

  • Parliament Hotel
    Address: 106 Izvor Street,
    For booking: +40 21 411 9990

  • JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel
    Address: 90 Calea 13 Septembrie,
    For booking: +40 21 403 0000