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 last update: July 2013

Nuclear Astrophysics with stable beams



Electrotechnic Engineer (1982-1987) / IAEI-Titu & ICPE

Publication from 1983-1987 period(ICPE)

Electrotechnic Engineer (1987-1995) / IFIN, Section Ist

Publications from 1988-1995 period / IFIN, Section Ist

Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics (1995-1998) at Physics College, Bucharest / Ph.D. Thesis

Publications from the doctoral period 1996-1998, Section IIIrd & TANDEM, IFIN

3 months fellow at RIKEN, cyclotron, Japan (1998)

Publications as results of RIKEN activities

Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS), Particle Physics Department, Israel (2000-2002)/ Postdoctoral Fellowship “The Edmond I. & Lillian S. Kaufman Postdoctoral Fellowship”

Publications as results of WIS activities

University of Washington, Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics, Seattle, WA, SUA (2003-2005) / D.O.E. Fellowship, Research Associate

Publications as results of UofW activities

ATOMKI, Nuclear Astrophysics Group, Debrecen, Ungaria (2010-2012) / HUMAN-MB08 B, NKTH-OTKA-EU FP7 (Marie Curie Actions)

Publications as results of ATOMKI activities

IFIN-HH, DFN & TANDEM (1995-present)

Publicatiions as results from IFIN-HH, DFN & TANDEM (1995-present) activities