How to get there?

Predeal is located in the Prahova Valley at around 130 km from Bucharest. It is easily reachable by car, bus or train. When arriving by plane you will land at the Henri Coanda International Airport. From there you can 1) rent a car, 2) take the minibus or 3) take a taxi up to the main train station of Bucharest (Gara de Nord) and then take the train.
We advise you to withdraw some Romanian currency from one of the cash machines from the airport or to use one of the exchange office there before starting your trip to Predeal. The price of the trip depends on the option you choose, as explained below.

1) By car
   One can rent a car in the airport and drive directly to Predeal, Andy Hotel. The trip takes around 2 hours

2) By minibus
   The DIRECT AEROPORT company offers airport transfer to Brasov and back. This bus route passes through Predeal. The minibus can be found at the lower level of the Arrivals Terminal Parking: after exiting the area with the luggage belts take the left moving stairways towards the EXPRESS Supermarket. Get out from the airport building using the sliding doors and cross the parking area (including the covered one) up to the minibuses area. There you will find several minibuses with different destinations. Amongst them, there is one that goes to Predeal. If you choose this option you are required to make a reservation in advance using the company website: The price of the ticket is around 80 RON and can be prepaid online but also on spot, directly to the driver. For the second option we advise you to have Romanian currency. In Predeal the bus stops in front of the train station which is located at around 1.5 km (20 minutes walking) from the Andy Hotel. One can either walk or take a taxi.

3) By train
   If you want to travel by train you first have to take a taxi from the airport up to the main train station (Bucharest North railway station). The taxi can be ordered from the airport using the machines located both sides of the sliding doors through which you exit the luggage belts area. Once you have the order ticket (the number of the car is indicated on it) exit the airport, cross the street and reach the area where the ordered taxis arrive. Please check again that the number of the car is the same as the one from your ticket. You indicate to the taxi driver "Gara de Nord" as destination. The ride should cost around 50 RON. It is mandatory to have Romanian currency. From Gara de Nord you have to take the train to Predeal. Information on trains can be found on the web page: The train tickets can be bought online or directly from the train station. There is no possibility to buy tickets once you are in a train. The trip takes less than 3 hours and the price is around 30 RON. The Predeal train station is at 1.5 km distance from Andy Hotel, so you can walk or take a taxi to get to your destination.

In case of emergency call Alexandru Negret: +40724.195.397