(Europass CV; in ROmanian - MEdC)

Name: Vlad-Gabriel Avrigeanu
Date of birth: 20th May 1949
Place of birth: Bucharest, Romania
Marital status: Married, 2 children (b. 1974, 1980)
Nationality: Romanian
Present position: Senior Researcher, Associate Professor at Bucharest University
Nuclear Data Evaluation (ND),
DANTE project (CEEX-2005), CA-DANTE project (PN-II-IDEI-2008)
Department of Nuclear Physics (DNP), IFIN-HH
Present address: "Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH) ,
P.O. Box MG-6, 76900 Bucharest, Romania; e-mail:

            Education and professional experience

1967-1972: B.Sc. in Physics, Bucharest University
1972-1977: Research assistant, Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest
1980: D.Phil. degree (Nuclear Reactions), IPNE, Bucharest
1977-1986: Researcher, Institute for Nuclear Power Reactors, Pitesti, Romania
1986-1990: Researcher, Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN)
1990-on Senior Researcher, Department of Nuclear Physics, IFIN-HH
1997 (June-Dec.) IFIN-HH Scientific Secretary (resigned)
2000 - on Associate Professor, Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University
2009 (June) - 2011 (Oct.) IFIN-HH Scientific Director (resigned)

1975 (Oct.-Dec.) Visitor at Max-Planck-Institut fur Kernphysik, Heidelberg
(working with Prof. Dieter Fick in polarized heavy-ion physics).
2000 (March-April) Scientific Visitor at EC/JRC/IRMM, Geel, Belgium
(Neutron Physics Unit).
2000 (Sept.16-Nov.15) Scientific Visitor at EC/JRC/IRMM, Geel, Belgium
(Neutron Physics Unit).
2002 (April-June) Scientific Visitor at EC/JRC/IRMM, Geel, Belgium
(Neutron Physics Unit; Final Report to JRC).

List of publications; see also ND homepage

LINIE-1997 Proposal, National League for European Integration - LINIE Award (in Romanian)
Open letter to the Minister for Research and Technology ["22", Nr. 15 (425), 14-20 April 1998]

Viziune manageriala - IFIN-HH (1999), (in Romanian, PS file, LaTeX file)

Contribution to "Workshop - The Integration in the European Research Area, Bucharest, October 25, 2002":
"Real Enlargement and Extended ERA?": presentation (PPT, WORD document)

"Making science in post-communist Romania", Bucharest, March 26, 2003,
contribution under Ad Astra call dated 2003-01-27.
"Asupra concluziilor diferite ale Raportului PSD 2001-2002 si editorialului Ad-Astra 1(2)2002" (in Romanian)
contribution to la Ad Astra e-Debate on R&D in Romania, Bucuresti, March 17, 2003.
Messages to EC/JRC and EC Delegation in Romania on:
"Hard Romanian questions of EU Enlargement", Bucharest, March 21, 2003
"Ref. Hard Romanian R&D questions of EU Enlargement", Bucharest, March 28, 2003
"Possible JRC actions facing value crisis in Romania", Bucharest, April 7, 2003
"Possible actions of EC Delegation in Romania facing corruption", Bucharest, April 7, 2003
"EC funds misappropriated by MEC-Romania", Bucharest, April 21, 2003
"RE: The severe crisis of the scientific research in Romania", Bucharest, October 6, 2003

Open letter: Call for truth, on Europe's Day (in Romanian, PDF file; e-mail message/2003-05-09)
To Prime-Minister Control Body, on stop of a Romanian contribution to European R&D projects.
(No. 17/9181/16.06.2003, in Romanian, PDF document) - No reply

Contribution to "National Physics Conference - 2003,PUB, Bucharest, September 27, 2003":
"On effects of PUB leadership on Romanian R&D"(in Romanian, WORD document)
Contribution to Conf. Int. "Migratia tinerilor cercetatori romani. Cai de intoarcere.", Sinaia, 14-18 oct. 2004:
"Reasons, conditions, and hope realism"(in Romanian, WORD document)

Proposal for the IFIN-HH Workprogramme (2005) (in Romanian)

To ANCS President , for entire transparency of Romanian involvement within EC/FP7 projects
(ANCS No. 360/13.03.2007, in Romanian, PDF document) - No reply

Scrisoare deschisa a Asociatiei FAR adresata CE, 4 aprilie 2009
[co-semnatar, membru al Colegiului Director al FAR] (MECI No. 6013/2009.04.07)

Punct de vedere privind strategia si problemele departamentului DFNT/IFIN-HH (2009) (in Romanian)

Demisie din pozitia de director stiintific al IFIN-HH (23.09.2011) (in Romanian)

Demisie din Comisia de Fizica (Panel 1) a CNATDCU (10.10.2011) (in Romanian)

Demisie din Consiliul Director al Consortiului ANELIS PLUS (14.03.2012) (in Romanian)

Demisie din panelul international High Level Expert Group (UEFISCDI, 14.03.2012) (in Romanian)

Continuarea PN–II: prin eliminarea minusurilor sau anularea plusurilor?,
Revista de Politica Stiintei si Scientometrie vol. 1 (2012) 89-98 (in Romanian)

Asupra propunerii Comisiei de Fizica a CNATDCU privind membrii CNATDCU (12.10.2012) (in Romanian)

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