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Catalin Borcea, IFIN-HH
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Alexandru Negret


RO-FAIR represents a supporting project for the Romanian involvement at FAIR.

FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) is one of the largest European projects that will be realized during the next years in the field of nuclear physics. Few accelerators and an important number of highly advanced detection systems will be built at Darmstadt, Germany, with a total investment of more than one billion euros during the first stage.
Romania has a financial contribution of 1% of the total project. This contribution is distributed as follows: one third cash, one third in-kind contribution for the building phase of the accelerators and one third for the experimental facilities.
More about FAIR here.

The FP7 contract FAIR Preparatory Phase supported by the European Union has the goal of preparing all the necessary structures for the implementation of the FAIR project. 200000 euros are allocated to Romania for the participation to the Joint Core Team of FAIR. ANCS supports the Romanian participation to the FP7 European contract through the Capacitati/Modulul 3 program RO-FAIR.

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