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"Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering

:: Contact Person

AVRIGEANU, Vlad-Gabriel (Dr., Assoc. Prof. at Bucharest Univ.)
"Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH)
Telephone: +40-1-4042300
Fax: +40-1-4574440

:: Collaboration
Company Expertise
Title: Nuclear data for fusion and radioactive waste transmutation
Type Details: Analysis of nucleon-induced reactions at low and intermediate energies, required by programmes for e.g. low-activation materials (LAM) by means of:
- semi classical Hauser-Feshbach statistical and GDH preequilibrium models,
- quantum-mechanical Feshbach-Kerman-Koonin multistep reaction theory, and
- improved versions of the corresponding computer codes previously contributed to NEA-DB (Paris), RSICC (Oak Ridge), and CPC-PL (Belfast) [IAEA0971/03 (1988), NESC9872/09 (1993), PSR-325 (1996), ADIK (1998)], in order to provide the adequate nuclear data input to the nuclear-engineering design projects especially related to:
- nuclear fusion (Contact Person: Dr. Vlad Avrigeanu), and
- radioactive waste accelerator-driven transmutation (Contact Person: Dr. Marilena Avrigeanu).
For details see URL:
Research Interest: Nuclear engineering and technology
Expiry Date: 2003-11-02

:: Target Partner
Expertise: We look for joining a consortium working in the field of fast neutron physics
and enhanced-accuracy data bases for nuclear fusion and radioactive waste transmutation.
Country: Any Country

:: Organisation Details
Department: Nuclear Physics Department, Tandem Laboratory
Address: 109 Atomistilor, P.O. Box MG-6
Bucharest - Magurele   76900
Type: Research; Education; Technology transfer
Number of Employees: > 500
Details: Theoretical physics, atomic and nuclear physics, applied nuclear physics, biophysics and environment, nuclear engineering and technological irradiations, radiation detectors, radioprotection, radio pharmaceutical, labelled compounds
Turnover: 2 million Euro
Keywords: Nuclear data evaluation; Nuclear reactions; Nucleon-nucleon effective interaction; Microscopic optical potential; Nuclear Physics; Nuclear Engineering
Partners already aquired: EURATOM UKAEA, UK: EURATOM/EFDA Task TTMN-001
EC/JRC/IRMM, Belgium: Project PA No. 59: Neutron Data Measurement and Evaluation
HMI, Germany: IFIN-HH "Support for Centres of Excellence" Project IDRANAP/WP12
RCN: 49105    
Quality Validation Date: 2002-11-06    
Update Date: 2002-11-07    

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